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Get ready to howl at the moon and embrace your wild side this Halloween, with our range of Werewolf accessories! We've got everything you need to create the perfect look for any event from furry claws and tails to face masks and make-up kits. Despite werewolves being such a classic Halloween costume, their appearance is definitely open to interpretation. Just look at the differences as they appear in pop-culture. We have Jacob Black from Twilight who appears as muscular and extremely hairy when compared to the slender, almost haggard appearance of Remus Lupin, described by J.K. Rowling in the Harry Potter series. These are quite modern and light-hearted deceptions of a werewolf. If you're looking for darker inspiration for your Halloween costume, check out Draugluin, who was named 'Father of the Werewolves' by J. R. R, Tolkien in his Legendarium. With a master like Sauron, you can imagine that he wasn't as friendly as other depictions. So whatever style you want to be, we've got the accessories to help you achieve it. You're sure to find everything you need to put the finishing touches on your outfit and make it truly unique. Plus... we guarantee a transformation into a werewolf with the help of Smiffys, will be a lot less painful than how they look in the films!

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