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While Marilyn Monroe must have worn hundreds, if not thousands, of dresses throughout her lifetime; there’s no doubt that one of the most memorable, most iconic, and simply most stunning dresses she wore was the beautiful white ivory cocktail dress, made famous when she featured in production The Seven Year Itch. Some could easily argue this was the dress that defined the Marilyn Monroe era. Standing in the street, the dress taking flight on the wind of the city, this dress captured the attention of the world and is by far one of the most iconic Marilyn Monroe moments of all time. And now, based on that original design from lead costume designer Willian Travilla, you can enjoy the same style during your own event. Choose from any of our White Marilyn Monroe costume designs to embrace the same style, glamour, and beauty that she bought into the world, feel 100% of your sexy, gorgeous self, and enjoy your next fancy dress event like never before!

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